Here Are The Keys To Open The Door To Your Personal, Spiritual Or Psychic Development Journey.


Are You Ready To Start To Understand And Develop Yourself?

I know there are only a few obstacles that stand in the way of most people embracing their personal and spiritual development, and psychic or intuitive gifts.

They know there’s more to life, they feel the need to discover what it might be and develop their own intuitive side, they just aren’t sure where to start and what to do.

It’s tough (and scary) too, if you feel on your own. Most people would love to have someone who understands them to debate ideas and concepts, share their stories and discoveries, and help to answer their concerns or questions.

Because life is busy and there’s always so much to do, this means that your own development usually takes a back seat, and very often goes completely unfulfilled.

You don’t have much time, and when you do a quick bit of research it all seems so complex and difficult to understand. It can seem as though there are lots of words and not a great deal of instruction of what to do.

So, without some form of guidance, you resign yourself to what you’re used to. But you still have a feeling that there’s so much more…

Our Unique Range Of Books & Online Courses In Psychic Development Can Help You

Imagine you have a friend who could answer your questions, get you started on the right path, hold your hand and show you easy steps that could help you:-

  • Learn to meditate
  • Feel more calm and peaceful
  • Connect with your inner voice, your intuition
  • Have a better understanding of life, and of yourself
  • Get to grips with your worries or fears
  • Embrace and develop your natural psychic gifts


Introducing Helen Leathers’ Psychic Gym

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I didn’t always understand my gifts and abilities. Luckily I had my mum to help me. From a very young age I grew up seeing and communicating with spirit, knowing things I couldn’t have, and with an absolute knowledge that there was so much more to this world than the physical. Most of the time I felt very different to everyone else.

I spent years taking on other people’s problems, emotionally and literally, attempting to ‘fix them’, because I felt their pain.

I had to learn to understand, control and develop all of my natural gifts and to put them to use in the most positive way. I trained as an holistic therapist, a Reiki Master and an NLP practitioner. I attended workshops and sought knowledge and teachers. I started to share what I had learnt through workshops, development groups and eventually through my books and products.

I Want You To Understand, Control & Develop Your Psychic Gifts

I want everyone to find their own path and know their own truth. To find the magic in themselves and to see it in others.
The ‘magic’ is our connection with life, our oneness with the universe and everything within it.

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Helen Leathers …

“Helen, your enthusiasm for the good things about life is like a beacon of light; It’s infectious; It’s powerful and you channel that enthusiasm into sound, practical advice for people who are stumbling through the darkness that their lives are in.”
Deborah Mitchell, London

“I absolutely love the The Spiritual and Psychic Development Workbook – A Beginners Guide, the information in your book is concise and easy to was very exciting to see everything I wanted in one book that will also enable me to teach what I was wanting to. I work form home giving psychic and clairvoyant readings and also many healings. I know the next step is teaching and I feel your books will allow me the courage to begin this. So here I am buying the Course Companions. I will have everything in one place that I have been taught in workshops to be able to pass onto students to get them started on their spiritual journey. So many I come into contact with for a reading want to know about their angels and guides so now I will have the courage with your tools which I believe spirit has shown to me.”
Sue F. Western Australia

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